Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

In conjunction with the celebration of the parish feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, the Davao community held a clergy night on 22 June 2009.

Early in the afternoon the students were tasked to prepare the location for the celebration. The tables were set in the beautiful space between the new building and library area, which has a cozy beer-garden-like ambiance once the night sky dawns.

The students, still drowning in praises for our previous day’s song performance, started rehearsing the same song to be presented again during the event.

However, the sky had other plans.

Just when we all completed the preparations and started going around doing our own stuff, cats and dogs started falling off the sky. Everyone scampered around trying to save what were left in the garden to the mercy of mother nature. Of course, plans had to be changed, the tables were reset along the corridor and the unfinished community chapel.

At the designated time, only the PDDM sisters were found present (showcasing their utmost professionalism in their dedication to liturgy through punctuality.. wink!). The other guests were probably caught in the rain. After another half an hour of waiting, the Parish Priest announced the start of the party, and hell broke loose. The students drowned themselves in the pool of booze and everything else was a blur.

When all the guest left and things were cleared, many students were too high spirited to end the party, and they continued singing and be marry. So late into the night, we still hear the sound of merriment, of students singing off key, oblivious of everyone else, and we hear of laughter echoing through the dark empty hallways...

[PS: Everyone were too boozed up to take any photos, so we leave it to the imagination of the readers :P ]


Saturday, June 27, 2009

OMPH Fiesta presentation

For the OMPH fiesta this year, students were asked, like the previous years, to give one number during the programs in the morning. After having some discussions, we decided that all of us will take part in this presentation so that it will also be an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the parishioners.

The task was given to the production committee as to what kind of performance we will do. Realizing a number of musicians in the house, the committee, therefore, suggests the idea that we sing a song which will be accompanied by our own band. However, this is not just an ordinary song.

In order to show the unity that we have, we sang in English at the beginning and the end of the presentation with the song, “Heal the World.” Then, to celebrate the diversity within our community, songs in between are sung according to our respective languages including Chinese, Pilipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai. Regarding the quality of our presentation, you can check it out by yourself.

[our international ensemble]


Procession for Mary… “Atong Igsoon”

[pics: students in procession]

The Redemptorist Parish held our procession on June 20, 2009, Saturday, in preparation for the feast day celebration of the parish in honor of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. The feast day celebration is themed: “Maria, Atong Igsoon”.

The procession was participated by the different church groups – altar servers, lectors, OMPH devotees, choirs, Knights of Columbus, the GKK’s from the nine zones in the parish, and other parishioners. The whole Redemptorist Davao Community – the seniors and the students – headed by the parish priest, Fr. Bebot, were also present.

At around 4 pm, people started to assemble in front of the parish church, carrying with them banners and other identifications determining the zone or church group they belong. Not to mention the fancy and resplendent raiment of the Knights of Columbus.

It was almost 4:30 pm when the procession started to move on from the parish church to some zones within the parish and back to the church at about 5:30 pm. While those who joined the procession prayed the Rosary and sung Marian songs to solemnize the event, passengers, motorists and bystanders have varied responses: some prayed along while others merely looked on.

But over and above, the procession was a success. With the participation of the whole people of God, the procession was carried on peacefully and solemnly. The responses may vary but Mary is indeed and always, our sister and Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Ave Maria!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Opening of SATMI new building

On June 15 2009, we finally held the blessing of our new SAT-MI building. It was well attended by different congregations consisting of those who would enroll in the institute and some friends. The new building itself had not been finished. Earlier that day the students were still cleaning the areas in order that it would be presentable enough for the event.
[Students preparing for the opening]

What struck me is what that this building symbolizes. The building was created to cater not only for the growing number of students, but also professors. It showed diversity of nationalities, with different charisms all wanting to heed the call of God.
[Fr Brendan giving the opening speech]

The ceremony began with the speech of the Director of the institute, Fr. Brendan Kelly, he welcomed all who were present. Other speeches followed and the ceremony of blessing which was done simultaneously. There were priests assigned in each floor accompanied by guests and students. [Ribbon Cutting Ceremony]
[Fr Bom blessing a room]

After the blessing, the opening mass for the school year followed. Redemptorist students were assigned to prepare for the mass which included the “band”. This display of talent shows the pool of talent present in the institute. After the mass, dinner followed with informal talks.
[ Opening Mass]

This event really was meaningful in many ways. The building itself has undergone many revisions as during inspection it was found out that there were many flaws. The blessing had already been postponed once. But the most striking of all is that the building changed the surrounding of the “compound” reminding us that life in the Davao community was unlike any other not only because of the presence of the school inside it, but also of the diverse culture it boasts. With much talent, culture, personalities, this really poses a great challenge for the professors, how to be able to convey and inculcate it to the person being taught. How do they do it?

One thing is for sure…this is just the beginning of the challenges we will be facing as the institute continues to grow and evolve.
[No party is complete without the sumptious meal]


Monday, June 22, 2009


[class of 2009]
Change is in the air!!!

St Alphonsus Theologate(SAT) has just changed it’s name to St Alphonsus Theological and Missiological Institute (SAT-MI) to align itself better to the core trust in forming students who are close to the people and mission oriented. The community had bloomed in colour with the inclusion of students from two new nations, Indonesia and Sri Langka. Our community had a new ever-dynamic super charged rector who doubled up as director of the institute. Hands up for the epitome of girl power with the new dean of studies. And of course, no one can miss the humongous building erected right in the middle of our old compound, our new SAT wing.

With all the new and exciting energy flowing in the air, we decided it is time for us to morph those energy into something good and lasting. So the group of the specky geeks (aka Academic Committee) decided to start this space to chronicle our interesting lives and provide a venue for free speech. You might think that there will be nothing much coming from a bunch of up-tight, cloistered students (oops.. just a figure of speech), but bear with us. Do check back in a couple of months, you might be surprise to find out how interesting and talented we are.

It all started with the Big Bang, and this, my readers, will be our BIG BANG!

[The Geeks]