Sunday, July 10, 2011

With the People

In the Vocation stories of alot of Redemptorists, it is very common to hear that one of the things that touched them when they were discerning their vocation was how close they saw the Redemptorist Priest and Brothers were in their ministry to the very ordinary people. That they were with the people, among them and one with them.
Here in Davao, one way in which the brothers express this is through their weekend apostolate work with the local BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities) or in the local language GKKs. They spend their weekends in the BECs, to be with the people, among the people.
Through the sharing of the stories of the people, the brothers are able to better understand the issues and problems that are faced in the everyday lives of the ordinary people and as one missionary put it, to see how God is already present with the people even before the brothers came. Jesus came to be with us as one of us, to be really present to us. God is with us. Emmanuel. Let us all take the challenge to be present to each other as how God is present to us.

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